Board President - Andrew J Burgess Board President – Andrew Burgess

Andrew is an early retiree who moved to the Bitterroot Valley in March of 2018. Andrew received his Bachelor’s degree in computer science software from U.C. Berkeley. After a successful career in consumer and business product development, video game development, and R&D for both start-ups and corporations in Silicon Valley and non-US companies, he decided to get out of Metropolis for a much slower pace in rural America, finding a bit of heaven on earth in Stevensville. If you ask him what his greatest achievement has been, he will tell you it was raising two incredible daughters as a single-parent with a full-time high-tech job.

Early in the formation of the BHC, Andrew’s inquisitiveness about the resurging hemp industry quickly turned into a desire to help establish and grow the cooperative into a major player in Montana. As a result of his enthusiasm, motivation, and dynamic personality, the membership elected Andrew to be their 1st board member and President.

Board Secretary – Steven Smith

Steven Smith earned a M.S.W. from the University of Montana, Missoula, specializing in visions of economic justice. Steven’s experience spans the realms of literature, martial arts, and technologies, and he enjoys the concepts of cooperative business development, especially the Bitterroot Valley.

Jeanette Hass - Treasurer Board Treasurer – Jeanette Haas

Jeanette received her Bachelors degree from Oregon State University, specializing in Nutrition & Food Service Management and spent the next 30+ years working for the State of Oregon in Radiation Control, Emergency Medical Services, Food Service Director and Director of Vocational Services for two prominent Psychiatric hospitals.

Jeanette now resides in Hamilton maintaining a mini ranch raising horses and dogs. She is also a volunteer for the Center for Spiritual Life.

Arlin P Fratzke Board Member at Large – Arlin Fratzke

Arlin has lived and worked in the Bitterroot Valley for more than 20 years His family has a long history of cattle ranching and grassland farming. Arlin, himself has been raising cattle and growing grass nearly as long as he’s been in the Bitterroot. Arlin is co-owner of the Flying AJ Ranch with his wife, Jenny.

As a board member at large, he provides guidance and support to the board and membership. Arlin has communication skills, the ability to provide “wise counsel,” and interacts with others with ease.

Most recently, Arlin has be appointed to the Montana Hemp Advisory Board by MDA Director Benjamin Thomas. Having a member of the BHC on the advisory board will be a great benefit to the BHC membership. Arlin will be advising the Montana Department of Agriculture (MDA) on research, marketing and education efforts. The committee will also be responsible for proposing an assessment and collection method for a Montana hemp checkoff. Any proposed assessment and method of collection will then be submitted to all known Montana hemp growers for a formal vote.

Bridgid Jarrett Board Member at Large – Brigid Jarrett

Bridgid was born in Montana and has spent her life associated with agriculture and rural life. After receiving her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Montana State University in Microbiology, she took a decade-long hiatus then returned to employment combining her two passions of growing crops and science. Bridgid is the Research Lab Manager and Small Fruit Coordinator for Montana State University’s Western Agriculture Research Center located in Corvallis, MT. It is part of the Montana Agricultural Experiment Station (MAES) Research Center System. Their mission is to promote and conduct studies related to agriculture and natural resources related to the Montana economy. In Corvallis, Bridgid is part of a team that conducts scientific investigation directly applicable to growers of high dollar crops that can be successful on small acre parcels.

As a board member at large, she hopes to help facilitate the introduction of a hemp industry into Montana’s agricultural landscape as a commodity crop and support Bitterroot Hemp as a specialty crop related to a long list of value-added products.

Dr. Daniel D. Wolf Board Member at Large – Dr. Daniel D. Wolf

Dr. Dan Wolf grew up in Portland, Oregon and graduated from Western State Chiropractic College in the fall of 1981. Dr. Wolf has operated his own chiropractic clinic for 37 years, first in eastern Montana and now in the Bitterroot Valley.

Dr. Wolf has been a licensed grower under that program since 2017 and has expanded his acreage in hemp every year. As a skilled handyman (having built his own super insulated home 20 years ago), he has built equipment for processing hemp into a hemp oil containing concentrated CBD and has marketed his oil for more than 2 years. He has also experimented with ideas for other applications of this very useful and versatile plant and is eager to help others find uses for hemp.

612 N 1st St., STE 2-188, Hamilton MT 59840

(406) 209-8984