The Bitterroot Hemp Cooperative (BHC) is the largest hemp business in the state of Montana, represented by more than 60 owners. The BHC was formed and was certified by the MT Secretary of State in December, 2018 in an attempt to bring people interested in the industrial hemp industry together to build a cooperative. Our members were among the first to grow hemp in Montana and are innovators in the hemp industry.

The cooperative association was formed for the purpose of growing hemp, manufacturing value-added hemp products, and networking with other hemp growers. The Statement of Intent states that the Bitterroot Hemp Cooperative will provide education, will promote and teach cooperative values, and is formed for the purpose of engaging on a cooperative basis in any other lawful trade, business or industry authorized by Montana law.

The co-op’s hemp growers are primarily small plot farms. The co-op owners are diverse in their interests with hemp and are working to enable a local that will use the entire plant; food, fiber, oil, and seed.

All meetings for the Bitterroot Hemp Cooperative are currently being held at 6:00pm on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at The Rivalli County Economic Development Authority (RECEDA).

Ravalli County Economic Development Association

RCEDA Business Center – 274 Old Corvallis Road, Hamilton, MT 59840

The Bitterroot Hemp Cooperative, 612 N 1st St., STE 2-188, Hamilton MT 59840

(406) 209-8984