About the BHC

Our mission is to provide services that improve the likelihood for member success in the hemp industry.

Our goal is to develop a sustainable, economically viable hemp industry for Montana’s Bitterroot Valley.

Our members own the co-op. They are business owners – whether sole proprietors or more complex entity types, whose businesses participate in roles at any stage of the hemp industry. They are small farm hemp growers, entrepreneurs, product developers, suppliers and others having a stake in the local hemp economy. Within the BHC, the member is both an owner as well as a consumer of the BHC services, thereby exhibiting the fundamental property of the co-operative business model.

The BHC Operates Under These Principles

I-Co-operation. To succeed, the BHC relies on the consistent, equitable contribution of time, talent and potentially other types of resources from all owner/members.  However, any degree of participation by an individual member is voluntary.  Ultimately, the success of the co-op depends on the continuing interest and participation of the BHC membership.

II-Democratic governance – but only if a majority of owners participate in activities related to decision making.  This includes the opportunity for all members to present suggestions, arguments or opinion related to the business of the BHC at meetings of the board of directors or general membership.

III-Transparency.  All correspondence, meeting notes, financial reports and other records of activities undertaken by the co-op will be available for review by any owner upon request. This includes the requirement to make members aware of any issues or situations arising that may have potentially adverse consequences to the BHC, and in particular those which may eventually appear in public media.

IV-Timely Communication to BHC membership, by the most commonly available means accessible to all members, concerning opportunities to participate and contribute in activities undertaken by the co-op.

V.  Compliance with bylaws, Montana statute and federal code bearing on the operation of BHC.

VI. Appropriate business practice, to include the application of effective planning, review, recording and reporting, as well as the application of accepted ethical and moral standards of conduct.

VII. Market vigilance.  The hemp industry is a moving target; a meaningful and deliberate effort should be committed to stay appraised of related regulatory, technological, and market conditions, and evaluate their potential impact to current and future operation of the BHC.

VIII. Continuous Improvement.  The activity undertaken by BHC should always be evaluated for effectiveness and efficiency of execution – even when actual outcomes appear to be highly successful. Recognizing and discussing opportunity to improve, reduce or eliminate methods, techniques, and practices that inhibit profitability and growth is encouraged.

IX. Mutual respect.  All members are entitled to maintain personal dignity when engaged in activity of the BHC.  When situations arise that indicate to the contrary, all members are responsible to act in attempting to restore the spirit of this principle, which includes non-discrimination as described in the BHC bylaws.

X. Committed, Responsible Leadership. Members in leadership roles as officers, directors, or committee chairpersons (e.g.) are the thread that keeps the BHC alive.  Even though the co-op adheres to democratic governance, it’s the leadership of a few that sustains the day-to-day operation of the BHC.  Leaders are expected to contribute and participate in all leadership activities – those that are explicit in their job descriptions, those scheduled – like meetings,  and those implied (for example, critical thinking and recognizing issues and raising them to the attention of whomever is responsible), and to carry their responsibilities in a professional manner.  This does not mean carrying an overly excessive time burden or working to a point of frustration, but the simple recognition that as a leader they are giving something extra, both in time contributed and through the significance of the tasks for which they are responsible.

The Bitterroot Hemp Cooperative, 150 N 4th St, #783, Hamilton MT 59840

(406) 209-8984